Karl Lagerfeld thinks models often look like they've just left a ''funeral parlour'' after Photoshop edits.

The 80-year-old designer claims images are usually ''over-retouched'' when they're tampered with using editing programmes and this can make the models look lifeless and damage the overall impact of a campaign.

During a staged interview with Jessica Chastain at the Lincoln Centre in New York City, Karl said. ''[We are] easily in a period of over-retouching. Some models [end up] look[ing] as if they are coming out of a funeral parlour, all life taken out of the face, I hate that.''

The designer also admitted he is sometimes ''a little shocked'' by the extravagance of some Hollywood A-listers' expensive gowns on the red carpet at film premieres.

He revealed: ''The red carpet is not fashion; it's always the same silhouette. Fashion is something else than the red carpet, but the red carpet is a part of our world, our fashion world...

''It [can be] a little too much sometimes. [You] see these amazing fishtail dresses... going in to see movies about poor girls in Eastern Europe, there's something a little shocking about it.''