Adele's fans have begun a backlash against the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, after he branded the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer "too fat". The comments arose as a result of Lagerfeld being invited to act as guest editor for Paris Metro, though he did temper his opinion by saying "but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice."
A number of Adele's fans have taken to their Twitter pages to denounce the German fashion designer, who is head designer of Chanel. ColdestWintour - who describes herself as a fashion student - posted a message saying "Karl Lagerfeld said Adele was, 'a little too fat.' Now do you see why I don't like him?" and 1-16-12 said of the designer "He's a Douche!!! Women have enough of a weight complex!" And someone Tweeting on behalf of Box2Fashion, specializing in plus size ladies fashion, defended the singer by saying "Outrageous comment from Karl Lagerfeld about Adele. She's beautiful, classy and very talented."
Karl Lagerfeld's official Twitter feed shows no signs of addressing the controversy; just two messages urging people to buy a copy of the Metro. Adele does not appear to have responded to the comments so far, even if her fans were quick to jump to her defense. On Sunday, she is scheduled to perform live at the Grammy awards show. It will be her first live performance since she underwent surgery on her vocal cords last year.