In the Canadian coming-of-age teen horror film Ginger Snaps, we get a rousing account of what it's like when a girl literally cries wolf. Director John Fawcett helms this cleverly ghoulish werewolf suspense piece into a bouncy, writhing examination of a complex young girl's sudden awakening. Fawcett manages to present a refreshing macabre scenario that mixes emerging youth-oriented sexuality within the confines of a spry scarefest.

The film is very reminiscent of Carrie, where its protagonist has to deal with the uncontrollable changes of her body and soul as a cruel and unforgiving world bears witness to the unexplainable metamorphosis taking place. Fawcett's flick is also a snappy combination of An American Werewolf in London and Clueless. Intelligent and keenly wry, Ginger Snaps is a vibrant showcase that puts a bite into the imagination of its spellbound audience.

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