On the surface, Floating Landscape is all about quiet nighttime snowfalls, hushed conversations, and empty streets in an ignored corner of a provincial Chinese city, but don't let the meditative mood fool you. The film packs a powerful emotional punch as it takes on big issues about death and detachment and redemption through love.

It all starts with the death of Sam (Ekin Cheng) after a long illness. His girlfriend Maan (Kar Yan Lam) is paralyzed with grief and finds solace only through the act of recopying one page of his journal each day. Though she has been with Sam for a long time, she knows nothing of his childhood, so not knowing what else to do with herself, she journeys to Qingdao, a seaside city notable for its old and crumbly colonial architecture. Somewhere nearby there must be a modern downtown of skyscrapers humming away, but director Miu-suet Lai restricts the action to the quaint cobblestoned sections of town, where winter snows are dusting the streets.

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