Kanye West’s attempts at keeping warm on a winter’s night in Paris has been causing quite a stir. For all the wrong reasons. We’re all for re-using and recycling, making the best of what we’ve got, adapt and over come and all that. Not when you’re one of the most famous rappers in the world though. Not when you’re dating the most famous woman in all of the world (possibly) and you are about to have the most famous baby in the world ever (apart from, perhaps Blue Ivy Carter and probably Kate Middleton’s forthcoming royal baby). In those circumstances, we expect you to go out and buy the blingiest, most up-to-date winter-wear that your gold bars can buy.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we clocked those images (courtesy of the Daily Mail) of Kanye West arriving at the Maison Martin Margiela haute couture show at Paris Fashion Week. Jay-Z’s bezzie rocked up in the French capital, wearing some kind of woollen red ski mask type affair over his face, almost like a wool hat pulled down and then a homemade slash cut into it, so that he could see out. You can probably tell, from the tone of our description, that we are not impressed with his sartorial choice.

With most of his face covered, what we could see was that he’d opted for a dazzling white suit under a long black coat. How do we know it was really Kanye? Um… we just do. 

Kim and Kanye

We don't know what Kim's saying to Kanye here but we bet it's not 'go get the balaclava, it looks great'