America's man of the moment, Kanye West, has pulled off the pop shock of the year (05) by storming to the top of the Billboard singles chart and ending Mariah Carey's 14-week reign.

Carey's hit WE BELONG TOGETHER was expected to be knocked off the top of the charts by her own follow-up, SHAKE IT OFF, but West's GOLD DIGGER - featuring RAY actor JAMIE FOXX - has leapfrogged both tunes to land at number one after jumping from last week's (01SEP05) number 19.

We Belong Together falls to number four on the new chart, while Shake It Off remains at number two for a second week.

West's hit has also made an unheard-of 94-2 move on the Billboard Pop 100 chart, where it's challenging the PUSSYCAT DOLLS' DON'T CHA, which has been at number one for seven weeks.

The rapper shocked America last week (02SEP05) when he used a live telethon to accuse President George W Bush of being a racist for the way he dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.