Rapper Kanye West is still wrestling with his "own homophobia" - despite promoting a campaign to stop the use of anti-gay language in rap records.

The GOLD DIGGER singer urged his fellow rappers to put a stop to homophobic lyrics in August (05) after discovering one of his cousins was gay.

But West admits he's still grappling with his own fear of homosexuality.

The 27-year-old tells the New York Daily News, "I'm still trying to get over my own homophobia. I still wouldn't feel comfortable at a gay bar. I wouldn't go to a gay parade. I don't know if I'm in favour of gay marriage or not."

"People said to me, 'Were you scared of speaking out against George Bush?' No. The bravest thing I did this year was speaking out against homophobia.

"That's a scarier topic, because if you bring it up, people think you must be gay. But you don't have to be gay to not gay-bash. We're a very close-minded people.

"I found out my cousin was gay years ago, and even just dealing with my interior decorator, having to travel with him, I've had to deal with issues.

"There was a point I wouldn't even get in the car with him 'cause I didn't want people to see me with a gay person. I didn't want it to hurt my career."