Saturday Night Live usually has something interesting in store with their musical guest and last night’s appearance by Kanye West was no exception. The show’s season finale conveniently coincided with West’s promotional efforts for his upcoming album Yeezus. You can see how ‘Ye premiering the first track off that album during his SNL appearance worked as a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Kanye has been noticeably settling down over the past year or so, especially since the news broke out that he is expecting a baby with reality star Kim Kardashian. It was only natural that his music would also go in a more mature direction. Well, “mature” might be overstating it a bit, but “Black Skinhead,” which West performed for the first time on the SNL stage, is certainly different. The rapper materialized on stage, sporting a black leather biker jacket, to perform the track. According to MTV, it sounded vaguely reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s 1996 hit "The Beautiful People." And while the SNL stage is hardly the typical place for subversive critiques of racism, West has never been known for doing anything halfway, so you can bet that his single premiere wouldn’t be anything close to typical.

His second performance was of “New Slaves” another track, imbued with heavy racial messages, which the rapper had premiered just days earlier. Hours before the event, Kim Kardashian showed her support with an instagram post, heaped with captions, revealing the album name and release date: "#Yeezus #RedYeezy's #SNL #Tonight #NewSlaves #YeezySeason #Donda #June18,"

Kanye West, Beverly Hills
Along with prepping for the album release, Kanye is also getting ready for a family - house hunting in Beverly Hills.