We all love Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Well, we don't, but it seems most of the media do, and have started warming to the shamelessly attention-seeking reality star and the big-jawed rapper. So it makes perfect sense for MTV to include them in a minute-long trailer in anticipation of the Mtv VMA Awards. The pair make an appearance alongside the host for the event, funny man Kevin Hart.
The, erm, comedy skit sees Hart trying to get his outfit right for the event, and he goes through to another bedroom in the hotel to see what Ye and Kim are wearing. They're just back from the gym though, and haven't had time or the inclination to get themselves sorted for the event. But why is a big problem? Because, it's the coming out of the hottest new partners in Hollywood. Here's the twist though, Hart has included himself with them! Oh my, what a comedic twist. To their bemused faces he tries to fashion a name for them including all three of their names. Doesn't he see? It's all about Ye and Kim, not him!
The whole thing is painfully unfunny, but it seems to be going down rather well with a lot of people, especially on Twitter.