Kanye West is set to release his own film, Yeezus, according to a teaser posted on the rapper's official website. The movie will be based on footage from Kanye's latest tour and will be directed with the 'Power' star's longtime collaborator, Hype Williams, who has shot more than a dozen of his videos, including 'All of the Lights,' 'Stronger' and 'Gold Digger.'

Kanye West
Kanye West Will Be The Star Of His Own 'Yeezus' Movie.

The slightly unsettling teaser for the film plays snatches of Kanye's music alongside scenes from his ostentatious live shows, which featured a mountain constructed onstage, hoards of dancers, lasers and intricate costumes. At the end of the clip, we hear ominous synths and the jagged word "Yeezus" flashes on screen, virtually dripping with blood.

The trailer also shows images from Kanye's recent music video 'Bound 2' which he starred in with his fiancée Kim Kardashian. We see horses running in slow motion and time lapse vista shots that are used in the video, which could mean that the Yeezus will be a crossover between live footage and the kind of conceptual scenes used in 2010's celebrated Runaway.

Watch The 'Yeezus' Movie Trailer:

As well as a movie in the pipeline, Kanye is also reported to be working on a biopic penned by Bret Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho. The rapper and the writer are said to have come together to work on a scripted feature based on a narrative of West's life. "I didn't want to at first," Ellis said. "Then I listened to Yeezus ... and I thought, regardless of whether I'm right for this project, I want to work with whoever made this."

Kanye West Performing Live
Yeezy Is Also Said To Be Working On A Narrative Of His Life With Bret Easton Ellis.

The rap star himself will not appear in the biopic but Kim Kardashian is apparently in line for a "pivotal" role. "Her [part] is going to be very dramatic, far from the bubbly happy persona that she's always played," said a source speaking to Radar Online. Kim and Kanye may not be preparing to echo their real-life romance on screen but West will take a directorial role and "wants to be heavily involved in all aspects of production."

The biopic's release date is still to be confirmed as "It's Kanye Land, and that's subject to a whole other time frame," according to Ellis. Stay tuned for details of the Yeezus the movie release: we're guessing his 30 minute rant won't be included in it.