Rap megastar Kanye West is reportedly looking for a prominent role in a “laugh out loud comedy”.

Kanye West comedy acting
Kanye West is reportedly interested in comedy film acting

The multi-million selling recording artist has made in plain in the past that he wants to spread his wings and dabble in other spheres of the entertainment industry outside music. Just last year, he managed to get a cameo spot in Will Ferrell’s comedy sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

An inside source told the American edition of OK! magazine that the 2004 original to that film (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) piqued Kanye’s interest in comedy acting, and that “he’s told his agent to find him a role in a big comedy, but so far no one’s interested.”

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As far-fetched as it sounds, Kanye has actually built up a reasonable looking CV in this area. In addition to guest starring in Anchorman 2, he has appeared in the TV show ‘Entourage’ and 2008 movie The Love Guru. And though it clearly doesn’t count, who can forget him being the subject of lampooning in two episodes of ‘South Park’?

Of course, Kanye has a reputation for being forthright and single-minded when it comes to working with others. Discussing the aforementioned Anchorman film with British TV presenter Jonathan Ross at the time of its release, Will Ferrell was asked about the experience of having the superstar on set.

He replied “it was very surreal to have Kanye - who's such a big fan of comedy - in our movie hanging out for two days. He was playing the new tracks a lot - over and over. Even when you're trying to film, he's playing the tracks. We got a scared 18-year-old intern to ask him to turn them down.” Now, Ferrell could easily have been exaggerating, but possibly not by much.