Kanye West's run-in with an over-eager paparazzo on Friday (19 July) at Los Angeles' LAX airport wil be coming back to haunt him for some time, as it turns out the photographer that Kanye confronted and then wrestled to the ground will be pressing charges for the attack. West was named a felony suspect by Los Angeles police following the attack and it is believed that he has already been questioned by LAPD officers.

Kanye West
West confronted the paparazzo at LAX on Friday (July 19)

The 'Black Skinhead' super-star flew into LAX airport on Friday afternoon and was making his way to his chauffeured car, during which time he was swarmed by paparazzi photographers and was quizzed almost non-stop by a man filming him on a video recorder - breaking his recently instated 'don't talk to me' rule. Video footage - available at TMZ - of the incident shows West shouting, "Don't talk to me!" before rushing at the unnamed man and wrestling him to the ground.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian
Kim and Kanye are parents now

The paparazzo then ran away from the star, who then made his way to his waiting car and drove away. Paramedics and police arrived at the scene shortly after in response to a 911 call, where the man was later treated by airport medics and taken to hospital - despite seemingly sustaining now actual blows from the rapper.

According to TMZ, police are currently referring the case to the District Attorney to see if West can be charged on attempted robbery rather than battery; which serves a more severe sentence. More information on the story as it develops.

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Kanye is in hot water now