Kanye West is being sued by the family of a man whose record he sampled on his hit tune ‘Gold Digger.’ Yes. ‘Gold Digger.’ The song that was released seven years ago and became a global hit eight years ago. TMZ report that the family of David Pryor, who released the track ‘Bumpin’ Bus Stop’ with his band Thunder & Lightning, back in 1974, want the sale of the song to be halted and they also want compensation for all of those sales that Kanye’s achieved for the song.

Two of Pryor’s children, Lorenzo Pryor and Trena Steward each own around a quarter of the rights to the song. They have taken umbrage with West’s use of a sample from the track and are asking a judge to stop the song from being sold. It’s a pretty bizarre move, when you consider how long it’s already been out in the public domain. The siblings are also chasing some dollar, for damages. Which is all very ironic, considering the nature of the song’s title and lyric. Having said that, perhaps Kanye should have double checked all the sample clearances before unleashing such a catchy track on the world?

Meanwhile, Kanye of course is busy preparing himself for the arrival of his first child, with the reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Who certainly isn’t a gold digger, because quite frankly, she’s loaded. 

Kanye west, Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, pictured together March 2013