The Kanye West skirt turned out be a surprise highlight of the Sandy Relief concert this week. Kanye was one of the many stars to perform at the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit, yet rather than through his performance or choice of song, it was his outfit that caused a stir.

It looks as though Kanye has been raiding his other half's side of the wardrobe, as the rap star took to the stage wearing a black Givenchy leather skirt and leggings combo, which unsurprisingly drew comments galore from people on Twitter and other social media sites.

Still, at least through all the torrent of abuse his outfit was receiving, the skirt and leggings look did have one fan: Kim Kardashian. We're not entirely sure whether she was just being kind or whether the dress was in fact hers, but anyway she wrote a complimentary Tweet about her apparently gender-confused boyfriend, saying: "Awwwwwwww I'm so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!"

Kanye belted out a medley of his greatest hits, including fan favourites 'Gold Digger' and 'Touch the Sky,' during his set, but really he could have played any song and still the attention would be solely on the skirt he dared to wear. We can only hope that it doesn't catch on.