Lawyers for Kanye West have requested a default judgement in the rapper's ongoing court battle against the creators of an online currency named after the star.

The New Slaves hitmaker filed suit in New York in January (14) in a bid to stop the exchange of the Coinye West cryptocurrency amid allegations the product's creators were trying to trade off his name.

He is demanding unspecified damages and a court ban forcing the defendants to stop using variations of his name for the digital currency, which was subsequently just called Coinye.

Now West's legal representatives have moved to end the case after 10 of the 12 defendants failed to respond to the accusations.

Of the two who did reply to the lawsuit, Robbie Hontele reached a "confidential settlement agreement" with West and the other, Richard MCCord, was nearing a deal last month (Jun14), according to court records.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Analisa Torres has yet to rule on the motion, reports the New York Daily News.