Kanye West was the special music guest (very special if you ask him) on the end of season episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend (May 18), and to make the event all the more special the hip hop star used his time on air to show off two of his latest tracks; 'New Slaves' and 'Black Skinhead.'

Both tracks are taken from his new album, supposedly called Yeezus, with 'Black Skinhead' being the first to be played on the show by the rapper. The song is a snarling, Marilyn Manson-sampling number by a disillusioned Kanye and is believed to be quite reflective of what is apparently a 'dark' album. The rapper also posted the handwritten lyrics to the track online soon after the performance on his recently re-booted Twitter account.

The other track he debuted, 'New Slaves,' also features Frank Ocean on the full version but unfortunately Ocean wasn't around on Saturday to lend his vocals to the second half of the song. Still, good performance anyway. 'New Slaves' is also the song that Kanye first premiered to the world by projecting images on to buildings across the world accompanied by his backing music.

Both tracks are believed to be from his upcoming sixth solo studio album, Yeezus, which is due to be released on June 18. The details for the album release date were first revealed, in typical obscure Kanye fashion, on his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's Instagram account on Saturday (May 18) shortly before his SNL performance.

Kim and Kanye
Kanye used the mother of his unborn child to tease the details of his new album