Promotion for a "one-off" Kanye West gig in London earlier this year (13) has been branded "misleading" after the concert was followed up by further dates.

Event promoters AEG Live have been given an official warning over the rapper's show at the Hammersmith Apollo in the British capital on 24 February (13).

Britain's advertising regulators received one complaint from a person who insisted the description of the gig as a "one-off" was false, since two more shows were later added.

In their ruling, bosses at the Advertising Standards Authority (Asa) state, "We considered the claim 'one-off' was likely to be interpreted by consumers who received the ad to mean no other Kanye West concerts would take place in the U.K."

AEG Live bosses have been told they can longer announce that gigs are "one-off" if there is a possibility additional dates will go on sale.