What we thought was the first video from Kanye West's new album Yeezus hit the web earlier this month, when in actual fact it was an incomplete version of the now finished and readily available product. The leak really left a sour taste in Kanye's mouth, as it would anyones, but he has gotten over that heartbreak and now the completed, interactive video for 'Black Skinhead' is available to watch on his official website.

Kanye West
Kanye was left heartbroken after the leak

The video isn't much of a change from what we saw before, only this time around fans can tinker with the graphics, slowing down and speeding up images and sounds, as well as giving fans the option to capture stills from the video and turn them into avatars for their own personal use/upload on to Instagram.

The Nick Knight-directed vid probably wont spawn a single though (as Kanye has insisted he wont release any tracks from Yeezus as singles), but with the stylised title of 'BLKKK SKKKN,' this is probably a good thing.

This may be a one-time thing for Yeezus then, and given Kanye's penchant for mystery we might not see another track singled out from Yeezus, although a number of tracks from the album have found their way onto radio so it isn't like we can't hear any of the tracks. Also, you could always just buy the album if you really want to listen to it Just saying.

Kanye West Shopping
His new video is, like Yeezus, a little different

The 'Black Skinhead' video completes what has been a busy week for Kanye. Busy for all the wrong reasons too. On Friday (July 19) the rapper was filmed grappling with a paparazzo whilst leaving LAX and it is believed that he will face legal action following the attack. More word on that story as it unravels.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
With all this new media, you could almost forget that Kanye is a dad now