Kanye West was at it again this week, yelling uncontrollably at a number of encroaching paparazzi hounding him with their cameras and with questions about his rant against Jimmy Kimmel. Needless to say, Kanye wasn't best pleased about this scenario and he flipped, yelling and cursing at the photographers. But this time he had plenty of reason to fly off the handle, and even a less volatile celeb would have been likely to flip out at the paps if they were pestered in such a manner.

Kanye West pap
Are the photographers being overly aggressive, or is Kanye just being a moan

Most of you reading will already know the score; the paps showed up at Kanye's LA pad at 4 am taking photos of the rapper and asking him questions about Jimmy Kimmel. When your least favourite kind of person shows up at your house at 4 am, then it's unlikely that you're going to just let it slide, especially if you're Kanye West. What's more, video footage from the hounding seems to show a number of the photographers trespassing on his private property, which would never sit well with the rapper anyway, especially not at 4 am.

Kanye and Kim
If he didn't want his paparazzi profile to go up, then maybe he shouldn't have started a family with someone as prolific as Kim K

Although the photography agency responsible for getting Kanye irate once again claims none of it's employees trespassed on Kanye's property, according to TMZ, security footage from the rapper's home has been scanned and at least one photographer looks to have invaded his personal property. Now, Kanye will look to press criminal charges against whoever trespassed.

At the time of the encroachment, Kanye was heading to the airport with Kim Kardashian for a trip to Paris, so it is unclear who will file the report in his absence or whether he will do it himself when he returns. We'll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

Kanye West
Maybe Kanye should just develop better disguises