The rapper performed the second single from his latest album Yeezus, 'Bound 2' for the first time live alongside Charlie Wilson and The Roots who had an additional six-voice children's chorus, as the song was reworked for the television appearance.

The stellar performance was nearly overshadowed by one brash lyric that targeted a fellow performer. In a non-subtle way, Kanye 'dissed' a former boyfriend of his current partner Kim Kardashian, Ray J. The personal attack was "Brandy's little sister lame, man, he know it now," he rapped. "When a real brother hold you down you supposed to drown".

This may possibly be the start of Hip-hop's next big feud but West may want to attack it cautiously as there is an explicit tape of the mother to his daughter and Ray J getting closer than he would like, giving Ray J plenty of fuel for the anticipated response.

This was a rare televised performance as the hip-hop artist has eluded them in the past couple of months, with his most recent coming at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards where his performance of 'Blood on The Leaves' received a positive reaction.

Jimmy Fallon was more than delighted at the 36 years old take-over of his show as he tweeted...

 West, who was in town just a few days back, attended the New York Fashion Week and according to WWD supported British designer Louise Goldin on Saturday afternoon, after been spotted on the front row at Milk Studios.

Kanye may have been scouting new wardrobe ideas for his upcoming arena tour, Yeezus, which begins on October 19th running until December 7th. Kendrick Lamar will provide support.

Kanye West and kim
Kanye West took a jab at Kim Kardashian's former flame, Ray J