Kanye West is full of surprises.

The 36 year-old music star dropped by Dave Chappelle's show at Radio City Music Hall Friday night (June 20th) to give the attends a rare impromptu performance.

West, who married Kim Kardashian last month in Florence, Italy, only played a three song-set, which featured 'New Slaves,' 'Gold Digger' and 'Jesus Walks,' according to Complex.

"I gotta get out here after this, this is the last joint," he said to the audience before beginning to play 'Gold Digger,' which he reportedly went into the crowd to perform.

This isn't the first time the two stars have worked together, in fact the comedian offered West his very first television appearance on his comedy show, 'Chappelle's Show,' back in 2004.

Chappelle recalled this event when he stopped by Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' on June 13th mainly to promote his nine-show run at Radio City Music Hall.

At the time, the former Comedy Central star thought West was like "Muhammad Ali in the Olympic Village. He just knew he was going to get the gold."

Jay-Z's 'Black Album' had also been released on the same day, so Chappell, Common, Talib Kweli and West all decided to give it a listen in the funnyman's studio.

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On the 12th track 'Lucifer' (produced by West) Jay gives a shout out to Yeezus, rapping, "Kanyeezy you did it again, you're a genius!" At this point Chappelle recalls, "Kanye stood up. First time he spoke all day, and he goes, 'Stop the record! And rewind that.'"

Later, the 40 year-old funnyman then invited the trio to watch some of his unseen sketches, and it is at this moment, while overhearing West's phone call, he realized the rapper has always been confident that he will become a huge star.

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"'Hello? No, I can't. Because I'm at the edit for the Dave Chappelle Show, watching sketches that no one's seen before,'" Chappelle remembers West saying. "'Cause my life is dope, and I do dope sh--.' And he hung up."

Dave Chappelle
Chappelle is currently performing a nine-show run at New York City's Radio City Music Hall