Kanye West has always been ''obsessed'' with Kim Kardashian.

The 35-year-old rapper is looking forward to welcoming his first child with the reality TV star next month and Kim's sister Khloe says she encouraged Kim, 32, to date Kanye because he was in love with her for years.

Speaking on 'The Talk', she said: ''We've known Kanye since 2006 or 2007. And he's always been into [Kim] and loved her. He just always was so obsessed with her - in a good way. And I just thought that was so cute, and she was like, 'No we're just friends or whatever.' And I just was like, 'I think that you two are so similar with fashion or whatever you guys are both into.' And so I said 'Just give him a shot.'

''And then one day - I don't know what happened, she acts like it was her idea, like I never said it, 'Wait, I think I really like Kanye.' And I was like 'Hello! I've been telling you for years!' ''

Khloe also joked that Kim - whose 2011 marriage to Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days - should have dated Kanye years ago because ''We could have saved a whole wedding!''