Kanye West will appear in court to answer for an alleged assault on a photographer at LAX airport in mid-July (19 July). TMZ caught the incident on camera where a photographer, taking pictures of the rapper and asking if he would speak to him, was rounded on by West. The video shows West looking typically grouchy as he left the airport terminal and angrily addressing one photographer before attempting to grab his camera.

Kanye West
Kanye West shopping in L.A. in July 2013.

The photographer was not obstructing his access to the car, yet it seems from the footage that West deliberately went after the photographer, David Ramos. The video shows West saying to Ramos "I told you not to talk to me" and "what you're doing it trying to get me in trouble."

He can then be clearly seen taking hold of Ramos and attempting to grapple the camera from him. A police officer intervenes saying "stop that now," at which point West releases the photographer, who can be seen limping away from the scene. West drives off, still glowering at photographers.

According to reports in TMZ, the photographer was taken to hospital following the incident. He now claims, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, that he needs crutches to move around, owing to the injuries he sustained in the LAX airport incident. He claims to have "sustained injuries to the right hip."

See video footage of Kanye West at LAX airport:

Police announced they were referring the case to the district attorney as a felony attempted robbery, not a battery case. It was announced last Friday (16th August) that the district attorney would not be prosecuting West. However, yesterday the paparazzo's attorney Gloria Allred told press they would be pressing charges such as assault, battery and preventing Ramos from exercising his right of freedom of speech. Other issues raised are a requested apology, not only for the physical aspect, but for the "emotional stress" caused by the incident. The lawsuit was filed yesterday (21 August) and a press conference was held in which Ramos' footage was shown. 

Kanye West
Kanye West at a New Years Eve party in Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian at the Las Vegas New Years Eve party.