Kanye West has just pulled a Jennifer Lopez, meaning that the rapper was handed a huge sum of money to perform in some far-flung destination for the mega-rich dictator of a developing country. At the command of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kanye put on a private show in former-Soviet country Kazakhstan, whilst the rest of the country struggles to make ends meet on a daily basis.

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Kanye has been blasted for agreeing to do the performance

Nazarbayev had hired Kanye to perform for his grandson at a private gig at the Hotel Royal Tulip in the central Asian country's capital Almaty. According to a TMZ report, the rapper went through hits including 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' during the weekend performance, which has landed the often-controversial artist in even more controversy. Part of the show was even captured on camera by one Instagram user in attendance. He is now being called out by human rights campaigners for agreeing to do the show and asked to explain himself.

Having served as president since the country gained independence from the Soviet Union (now Russian Federation) in 1991, Nazarbayev is the only ruler the country has had and rules over the country with a paranoia-driven authoritarian grip. Since he began ruling the natural resource-rich country, the president has personally amassed a multi-billion net worth during his time in office and is regularly dogged with allegations of corruption, whilst the majority of his population live in relative squalor.

Kanye has yet to comment on the situation, or even apologise for letting his greed get in the way of recognising the abuse of basic human rights, but thats probably because he's too busy watching his bank balance go up.

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Kanye hasn't commented on the concert yet

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There's a good chance he won't ever answer questions about Kazakhstan