It turns out that Kanye West isn't as conceited as we all suspected, because he's just revealed that his favourite track of 2015 wasn't one of his own, but Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?'. Perhaps it's because it evoked so much controversy - and we all know how Kanye West flourishes in controversy.

Kanye WestKanye West gives Justin Bieber the thumbs up

'What Do You Mean?' was a landmark hit for Bieber, with it being his first ever single to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, it also raised a few eyebrows here and there with fierce feminists suggesting it promoted rape culture, in that it included such sketchy lyrics as 'When you nod your head yes/ But you wanna say no' and 'Don't know if you're happy or complaining'.

But West has looked past that and taken to Twitter to brand it his favourite tune of the whole year. 'What do you mean by Justin Bieber was my favorite song of 2015', he wrote, unambiguously.

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The track was from Bieber's November 2015-released fourth album 'Purpose'; his first collaboration with Def Jam. So far, he hasn't responded to West's praise but we know he's definitely a fan after what he's said about the rapper in previous interviews. 'Kanye's a talker, so you get him in a room and he just starts talking, and he just starts ranting, and I just sit and I listen because he's been through a lot of stuff', Bieber told France's Clique TV back in September. 'He's not just talking to just talk. He's obviously got something to say that he's feeling from his heart. So when I hear that, I like to just sit and listen. He's a really, really smart guy.'

While West is clearly a fan, his endorsement of Bieber perhaps isn't the most convincing given that he's been posting a lot of crazy stuff on Twitter recently - not least regarding debt and Taylor Swift etc. 'I have discovered my single greatest quality. I care', he declared yesterday (March 13th 2016). 

Of course, Un-Beliebers might say his appraisal of Bieber is probably the craziest thing West has ever Tweeted.