If there’s one person in showbiz right now that the words “on his grind” can be applied to with full force, that’s probably Kanye West, who took a detour to Harvard of all places before his Boston gig last night. Before setting off for the latest concert from his revived Yeezus tour, West gave the crowd at the Harvard School of Design an inspiring speech about why he thinks design is important.

Kanye West, TAO Nightclub
Kanye has been promoting his design endeavors as much as possible lately.

As usual, Yeezy’s generally worthy message was contained in a bit of a ramble, as the rapper/designer explained why how and why he’s done two-hour interviews with the likes of Oprah Winfrey.

"The reason why I turn up so much in interviews is because I've tasted what it means to create and to be able to impact and affect in a positive way, and I know there is more creativity to happen," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "I know there are traditionalists that hold back the good thoughts and there are people [in] offices that stop the creative people and are intimidated by actual good ideas. And I believe, like, utopia is actually possible. But we're led by the least noble, the least dignified, the least tasteful, the dumbest and the most political. In no way am I a politician; I'm usually at my best politically incorrect and very direct. I really appreciate you guys' willingness to hone your craft and not be lazy."

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week
Kanye and Kim Kardashian made a few highly publicized appearances at Paris Fashion Week this year.

According to Virgil Abloh, the creative manager of West’s design company DONDA (named after the rapper’s late mother) the lecture was part of Kanye’s DONDA Design Lecture series. "Just gave a talk at Harvard GSD with Kanye. Super surreal. #DONDA design lecture series #yeezustour," Abloh posted on Instagram.

The talk was covered from all sides, as Kim Kardashian, social media queen and West’s fiancé also attended and instagrammed a picture, along with the message: "My baby speaking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design."