It seems a few days in Paris are the cure for everyone's problems, including Kanye West's recent bouts of anger. The rapper was spotted in Paris chatting amicably with paparazzi and now he's deleted his Twitter rant about comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Kanye West
Kanye West has deleted his tweets about Kimmel,

That's doesn't mean everything has been forgiven and forgotten. Although everything seems quiet on West's Twitter, Kimmel appears not to be deleting his tweets which refer to West's rant of last week.

West responded with no less than 33 tweets, in quick succession, to a sketch Kimmel had created and aired on his late night talk show. Kimmel had mocked West's latest interview with BBC Radio One, in which West declared he is "the greatest rock star in the world" and the creator of the leather jogging pant. 

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel made a sketch of West's BBC Radio One interview.

Kimmel chose to replace West and the interviewer Zane Lowe with children, something the 36-year-old Hip Hop star did not appreciate. However, some of West's tweets descended to a similar level of maturity when he wrote "Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you". Kimmel took the whole incident incredibly well and merely laughed off the situation. He referenced it on a number of occaisons, simply retweeting and acknowlegding West's comments. 

As many of the tweets Kimmel (and many others) chose to retweet and media outlets around the world have embedded them into their stories, it seems somewhat pointless. Yet could this be West's attempt at apologising for his actions - possibly even showing some humility for a change? 

Kanye West
Kanye West is currently in Paris with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian for Fashion Week.