Kanye West has seemingly taken it upon himself to declare final victory in his interminable feud with Taylor Swift, crashing Drake’s gig this week to brag about Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat leak from earlier this month.

Canadian rapper Drake was playing a gig in West’s hometown of Chicago on Wednesday night (July 28th), when 39 year old Kanye joined him on-stage where they performed their collaboration ‘Pop Style’ together.

Kanye WestKanye West has proclaimed victory in his Taylor Swift feud

When they had done, he decided to address his long-standing rivalry with Swift, which was recently reignited when Kim Snapchatted a series of audio clips in which the 26 year old hitmaker could be heard (partially) approving Kanye’s lyrics for ‘Famous’, which includes lines like “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex”.

“I am so glad my wife has Snapchat, 'cause now y'all can know the truth,” he told the crowd, “and can't nobody talk s*** about Ye no more!” He then launched into the aforementioned verse, to the delight of the audience.

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However, Swift maintains that she didn’t hear the finished song and didn’t know about the “I made that b**** famous” lyric – which, in fairness, Kim’s audio and video clips don’t contain either.

She has been trying to distance herself as much as possible from this debacle, which she has maintained she wants no part of anymore.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has been trying to distance herself from the feud

Sources close to her told People straight after Kim’s Snapchats: “For seven years, Kanye has continued to attack Taylor, attempting to incite hatred for her at his live shows and on social media, even going so far as portraying her naked in his most recent music video. His obsession with and harassment of Taylor over the last seven years is unhealthy and if he were not a celebrity, he would be considered a stalker.”

Indeed, the feud has raged on via anonymous proxies, with a source close to the Kardashian Wests countering: “Once again, Taylor Swift is playing the victim. As the recordings reveal, she is a liar and nothing she says will change the truth.”

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