Kanye West is known to compliment himself from time to time, mainly as a "creative genius," and this is something fans, and critics alike, have just got used to.

The 36 year-old is obviously one of today's top recording artists, but he garners more attention for what he says rather than his music.

And West's most recent remarks prove exactly why.

While speaking at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference on June 17th, the 'Black Skinhead' rapper spoke candidly of many topics, including his wedding with Kim Kardashian and just why he is so good.

"You have to be able to take the lashes of people not understanding," he said, while sitting on the panel at centre stage.

Adding, "Two years of people not understanding an interracial relationship. Two years of people not understanding the idea of the art world meets pop world. You have to be able to take the lashes and be able to swim in backlash."

West then attempted to explain why critics are wrong in constantly slamming him.

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"The only thing that I think can be an inspiration to creatives is the fact that I get bashed so much, but create so much," he added. "Just know, if you really wanna be a boxer, you're gonna get your face beat in constantly. But then you might end up being Mayweather or Ali at the end of it."

And the 'Stronger' rapper definitely sees himself as one of the best, after all he has had "the belt in two classes."

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"I still take bashing from the 'Bound' video. But I always say, but if the Vogue had came out before the 'Bound' video, everybody would have been like, Oh, it's OK," the 'Yeezus' hit maker added, referring to the controversial Vogue cover himself and Kim featured on.

Is he really that good?

Kanye West
West recently spoke at the Cannes Lions Creativity Conference