Not only is Kanye West thinking of calling his child North (pretty funny, but ultimately probably pretty disturbing for the kid when he eventually grows up,) but there have also been some rumors going about that he’s thinking of a pretty ghastly name for his next album which, even if tongue in cheek, is definitely going to get some mouths muttering of the Christian persuasion – as well as many more who just happen to think he’s a complete berk.

According to the BBC, in a piece in which they discuss his naming of his child North, West is thinking of calling his new LP I Am God. Now, apparently Ye has said this “half tongue in cheek,” but even so we know that the fella has quite the ego on him, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t actually go through with it so, so arrogant is he in his own abilities. However, a rep for West has since come out and said that this story is nothing but fabrication and that the rapper has no intention of calling his album the potentially blasphemous name.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rumor has sparked the idea in his head. He has drawn a parallel between himself and Jesus before after all, in the 2005 single ‘Jesus Walks’.

Kanye West
Kanye West isn't going to name his new album after the alleged creator of all things