Some women might be worried that their boyfriends would have a hang-up about that sex tape they made with an old flame, that made its way onto the internet a few years ago. Not so for Kim Kardashian; her new beau Kanye West isn't just okay about her raunchy past, he's gone so far as to celebrate it in his music. Tmz obtained a copy of one of Kanye's new tracks and revealed that it contains the lines "Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie." We're guessing there wasn't anything as upmarket as 'Gucci' that rhymed with 'sex tape,' eh Kanye?
It's not the first time that Kanye has professed his admiration for Kim in lyrical form. When he previewed some new tracks in a New York nightclub recently, he later confirmed on Twitter that he had written the track 'Perfect Bitch' about his reality TV star girlfriend Kardashian. Charming stuff there from Kanye. In one of his more romantic moments, he did serenade her during a concert in Atlantic City back in July. West sang the song 'Way Too Cold' to Kim, who was watching from a balcony. The song contains the line "I admit I fell in love with Kim." That's more like it, Kanye.
As Kim and Kanye's love affair seems to be reaching boiling point, relations between Kim and Beyonce (who is married to West's close pal Jay Z) could not be frostier. At last weekend's Made in America festival, the two women could barely find time to even acknowledge each other's existence. It made for one awkward atmosphere backstage, apparently!