Talk about holding a grudge! It seems as though Kanye West is still hung up about Taylor Swift's victory of Beyonce at the 2009 VMAs as the rapper ranted about the incident whilst on stage at London's Hammersmith Apollo this weekend.

Kanye and the rest of his G.O.O.D. music pose began their three night residency at the London venue on Saturday night (Feb 23), with Kanye 'treating' fans to a 20 minute rant that included a segment dedicated to the Swift VMA win that resulted in the rapper's infamous stage invasion during the country star's acceptance speech. This particular rant came after the initial monologue from the star, in which he complained about (amongst other things) Justin Timberlake's collaboration with best pal Jay Z on the track 'Suit & Tie.'

"I’ve got love for Hov but I’m not down with that suit and tie s**t," moaned Mr Kim Kardashian, who also had a good natter about the Grammys and corporate sponsors too. He told the audience, “We need the music business to be evened out and fair. I've never won a Grammy against a white artist. I'm motherf***ing Kanye West."

As noted by NME, the rapper was kind enough to leave out another rant during his Sunday perormance, telling the audience, "I got shit off my chest last night but I'm feeling good tonight."

Watch the first ten minutes of the rant below.