There is something about Kanye West's first video from the Yeezus album; the all CGI and often nightmarish black and white three-minute clip that emerged online this Tuesday (July 9). Whilst it looks pretty legitimate and fits in to the whole aesthetic that he is riding on right now, the way it 'leaked' just doesn't seem very Yeezy at all, bringing the authenticity of the video into question.

Kanye West
Kanye may or may not have released the first video from 'Yeezus'

Featuring the same snarling hounds from his SNL take on the song, purposely glitchy close-up shots and ending with Kanye in a Jesus pose, it really does seem like a Yeezy video and is definitely fitting to the industrial sound on what is one of Yeezus' heaviest tracks, but with that said, have you seen some fan videos nowadays? Authentic looking yes, but official, we'd have to say maybe right now. The video is nowhere to be seen on Kanye's official site, nor is it on his Vevo/YouTube page either.

The video just kind of emerged online (thanks to Rap Dose) and gradually began popping up on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, with people assuming that it must be the real deal. Another thing; all know how Kanye likes to go on and on about his upcoming projects, but the rapper has remained uncharacteristically quiet upon the release of the video and any attempts to get in touch with his PR have been shot down. Who knows, maybe it is real and Kanye is just being mysterious, that wouldn't surprise us either.

Kanye had previously stated that Yeezus wouldn't feature any singles, but he didn't say anything about videos so who knows, maybe it is the real deal, not that Kanye will be letting us know any time soon.

Kanye is keeping tight lipped