Kanye West has confessed he was wrong to object to Beck landing the 2015 Grammy Award for Album of the Year because he hadn't listened to Morning Phase before protesting the rocker's big win.

The Power hitmaker was heavily criticised earlier this month (Feb15) when he appeared ready to interrupt Beck's acceptance speech, just like he did at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 when Taylor Swift beat his pal Beyonce to the Best Female Video honour, but he reconsidered at the last minute and simply smiled before returning to his seat.

However, West later lashed out at the Loser hitmaker in an after show interview and insisted Beck should have handed his prize to Beyonce, because she was the more obvious winner.

His outburst earned him the title of Donkey of the Day from Djs at New York's Power 105.1 radio station the morning after the Grammys, and West now admits he was fully deserving of the jab, after preaching about respecting real "artistry" while not doing so himself.

Appearing on the station's morning show this week (ends20Feb15), West said, "I deserved it, man. That was completely hypocritical."

He went on to reveal the irony of his Grammys stunt after heading out to dinner with Swift on Tuesday (17Feb15), when they publicly put their five-year feud behind them over dinner at The Spotted Pig restaurant in the Big Apple.

He explained, "The other day I went to dinner, sat down with Taylor Swift, and ironically, they (restaurant bosses) were playing the Beck album... Maybe they did it on purpose so I could finally hear it. I was like, 'Man... this is like, kinda good, I ain't gon' lie (sic)!'

"I hadn't even heard it, man, (at the time of his protest), I just said it..."

West has since obtained Beck's contact details and is meaning to call and apologise for his actions, but he claims the rocker actually came out on top in the situation because it was all just free publicity for him.

The rapper continued, "I got his number and I was supposed to call but I just keep forgetting...! I felt good for him because... the person who won the most was Beck, because if I hadn't done that (protested), his Album of the Year (win) would have never been mentioned. Now it's in all the chatter! 'Kanye West messes up again', 'Kanye West is Donkey of the (Day). I'm already the enemy so you can't get no worse than the villain (sic)."

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