For all of Kanye West’s assertions of his own prominence, it’s difficult to justify many of his outbursts. His latest – telling Zane Lowe in a BBC interview just what he thinks of his own status – isn’t the most ridiculous thing he’s ever said, but it’s certainly not true.

Kanye WestHere's the #1 rockstar shopping for furniture

In an interview with the popular radio personality – a stalwart for BBC’s music broadcasting – West said, in a teaser vid: "People are gonna look at this interview and say 'Hey, I understand what he's talking about'. People are gonna look at this interview and say 'I don't like Kanye, he looks mad, I don't like his teeth’. We the real rock stars and I'm the biggest of all of them. I'm the Number One rock star on the planet."

Now there’s no denying that Mr West is a huge global property. He’s a superstar in his field and as his last album shows, the critics still think he’s got something to give. But biggest rock star on the planet? Not quite, and this isn’t simply a debate over genre.

This has been a year in which Mick Jagger attracted a record Glastonbury audience with The Rolling Stones. 100,000 people crowded in front of a packed Pyramid Stage to see them strut their stuff; a further 2.5m people watched on television and on demand.

Jay Z, too, released a new album. And while it didn’t garner the same critical praise as West’s, it certainly hit the headlines more. Deals with Samsung, art gallery installations – Jay Z was everywhere, and his partnership with Beyoncé, in sickness and in health, only furthers his brand.

Kanye is possibly the most unhinged, crazy and entertaining star on the planet. He and Lady Gaga should direct a short film together. But #1 Rock star on the planet, sir, you are not.