Round 2 of the ongoing bout between Kanye West and paparazzi photographers everywhere ended in another Kanye win, but this time his scuffle might land him in more trouble than he was anticipating. Kanye now faces a very real threat of legal response to his latest retaliation from the floored pap, who was treated by paramedics following the attack.

Kanye West
Kanye wasn't pleased on his return to the US

Kanye had just flown into LAX and was immediately swarmed by paps busily taking photographs of the star, with one particular photographer getting chatty and continually asking Yeezy questions. Kanye clearly wasn't in the mood to be quizzed about his personal life by the paps - and he never is - and he asked the pap politely to stop, with his request falling on deaf ears. So, to make his point heard even clearer, Kanye decided to try and wrestle the camera out of the pap's hands, with the photog falling to the ground almost immediately.

Kim and Kanye
The rapper has come under even more media scrutiny since getting together with Kim K

Kanye quickly ran to a waiting car, leaving the distressed pap on the floor, where he remained until police and paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after. This all took place on Friday (July 20) afternoon and at the moment the details as to what will happen next for Kanye and what condition the paparazzo is in remains unclear. One thing that seems pretty likely though is that, unlike last weeks violent encounter with the paps, Kanye might actually face some legal recourse for this. Of course we are only speculating at the current moment.

Kanye had been out of the country for about a week when he landed in LAX yesterday, about a week after he laid down his one rule with paparazzi; Never talk to him! Clearly someone wasn't paying attention to Kanye's law, but we think a lot more paps will start taking his demands a little more serious.

Kanye West1
If you have a camera then don't mess with this guy