Earlier this week (May 15), Kanye West shocked and awed audiences at the Adult Swim's Upfront event at Roseland Ballroom in New York City when he took to the stage unnanouced and performed a selection of brand new songs. Oh yeah, and he did it all from inside a translucent pyramid. It is Kanye after all.

The rapper showed off two brand new songs, as well as the relatively new single 'Cold' and the classic, College Dropout anthem 'Jesus Walks' during the surprise set at the NYC event. Both tracks made it on to YouTube but have since been taken down. Because its Kanye, there was also a good few minutes dedicated to him ranting and raving about celebrity culture and his negative depiction in the tabloid as well as Saturday Night Live, on which the rapper will be serving as the musical guest on the final episode of the season this weekend (May 18). Fortunately, unlike his songs, the rant hasn't been taken down from YouTube.

Kanye's latest rant

"I ain't kissing nobody's motherf*ing babies. I'll drop your baby and you'll motherf*ing sue me and sh*t," Kanye eloquently said, perhaps forgetting that his girlfriend is eight months pregnant with his own child, before adding, perhaps in regard to his recent run in with a signpost, "I don't want nobody running up on me with no cameras, trying to sell pictures to magazines... throwing me off of my focus and sh*t."

He then moved on to his upcoming SNL appearance, again kind of shooting himself in the foot when he said, "Somebody asked me, 'When you do SNL, is you going to do a skit about the paparazzi and sh*t? And humanize yourself?" You can probably guess his response to that. "I ain't here to apologize to no motherf*ers, man....I ain't runnin' for office."

The whole thing was mildly amusing, but mostly just awkward. Speaking of awkward, the promo trailer featuring Kanye, guest host Ben Affleck and SNL regular Fred Armisen was released late last night (May 16), with the three exuding as much comedic chemistry as three planks of wood. Should eb a good way to end the series then! You can watch the tailer below.

Kanye and Kim
Kanye and Kim, pre-signpost bust up.