Kanye West’s elaborate stage design for his Yeezus tour caused problems at the very beginning of the concerts, severely delaying his Seattle show on Saturday. Then Sunday saw the entire Vancouver show cancelled due to “technical difficulties”. The gig was rescheduled for October 31. All tickets will, of course, be honored at the rescheduled show. Perhaps West has taken some cues from Drake, who recently postponed a Philadelphia gig. It hasn't been a good month for tour-goers.

Kanye West, LA
Kanye has great plans for this tour.

The cancellation was followed by the prevalent rumor that the Yeezus setup may have been too ambitious to execute in practice. The rescheduling, even if it was for only a week, left plenty of fans disappointed. According to MTV, Saturday's set-up was anchored by a giant mountain, the performance space stretched out approximately 50 feet into the crowd of standing fans on the KeyArena floor.

Kanye West, Jimmy Kimmel Live
Maybe a bit too ambitious?

Meanwhile, there have been some less than dignified moments during the shows that did take place. During that ill-fated Seattle show, Yeezy suffered a wardrobe malfunction of the embarrassing variety. There’s no dignified way to describe this really – during a rather enthusiastic bout of onstage running, Mr West’s trousers ripped open – “right down the crotch” as E!Online puts it. Still, the accident hardly took any attention away from Kanye’s flashy costumes, elaborate performances…and two-hour delay. Hopefully the rapper can recover from the false start and finish the Yeezus tour on a high note.

Kanye West, Beverly Hills
'Tis the season for cancelled shows, apparently.