Actress Kaley Cuoco had a weird and unexpected treat during her appearance on comedian George Lopez's U.S. TV show on Tuesday night (03May11) - he called on a pet psychic to help her learn more about an unruly puppy.
The Big Bang Theory star confessed Shirley, the pitbull-mix she recently rescued, is making her miserable because she's mean to the actress and treats her whole house like a toilet.
She told Lopez, "I call her Rosemary's Baby because she is crazy, she's insane, she's heinous, she's mean - but only to me.
"She has ruined my house, she has peed on everything, she has eaten every piece of furniture, she gets in the pool and comes back in bed. She's horrible."
Lopez had already heard about the disaster dog and called in animal communicator Patrice Ryan to help his guest understand more about her pet.
Ryan told the actress Shirley loved her but she wanted a new collar and harness, and felt her owner was too much the disciplinarian.
The pet psychic said, "She doesn't like that collar... She wants something that when it gets wet it dries quicker... she thinks that one's a little poor quality... You're gonna have to cough it up sister... She wants it to be, like, a deep shade or purple.... and she wants like a whole girl thing, like a harness."
She added, "Shirley says you're a little bit of a disciplinarian, kinda like the overachiever... You need to let that go."
Stunned Cuoco admitted she was the type of person who wanted everything just perfect.
Ryan also told the star the dog was a big fan of her boyfriend, prompting the actress to respond, "She loves my boyfriend... she loves him more than me and it makes me crazy."