'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco loves skinny dipping.

The actress says summers are so hot in her native California that she often swims nude in her pool at night to stay cool.

Kaley - who plays ''girl next door'' Penny in the hit sitcom - said: ''I definitely go for bikinis (in the summer), and sometimes - I'm not gonna lie - nothing at all! My house is very private so I'm able to dive in my pool with no clothes on. It's wonderful.''

The 27-year-old star also revealed she feels most desirable when she's ''drenched from head to toe'' in sweat after a hardcore yoga workout.

Kaley - who is currently dating Bret Bollinger, the bassist in reggae band Pepper - told FHM magazine: ''I feel my most sexy when I just get out of my yoga class. I'm absolutely covered in sweat and I feel like I just did an amazing work out. You have to wear close to nothing. We don't wear very many clothes.

''I think I have the world's sexiest yoga group. You take a look around in my class - everyone is gorgeous, and they're all sweating. It's a little bit ridiculous.''