Kaley Cuoco thinks her dogs have taught her how to be a good mother.

The 'Big Bang Theory' actress - who recently claimed she was ''born to be a wife, born to be a mother,'' but insisted she wasn't planning to have kids with husband Ryan Sweeting ''anytime soon'' - believes her plants and animals have made her more responsible.

The 28-year-old actress told E! News: ''I think if you can take care of a plant, then you can take care of a dog and then you can have a baby. It's all in the order.''

She added: ''I can't wait actually to have kids surrounded by all the dogs at our house too and the horses, and raise them with animals and [show them] how to treat them correctly. It starts from the very beginning with puppies and with babies, and showing them how they need to be treated.''

The blonde beauty, who married Bahamian-born professional tennis player Ryan, 26, in December after six months of dating, isn't pregnant yet and plans to make the most of her toned figure before she is.

She said: ''I'm trying to get those crop tops in before the day comes where I'm pregnant because you can't wear those for much longer.''

Kaley recently chopped off her long locks and her husband is a huge fan of her new hairstyle.

She said: ''I chopped it all off and I'm very happy that I did.

''Ryan loved it too. He likes the neck, they [men] like the neck, so he was like, 'shorter, shorter, shorter!' ''