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The Name
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JYNXT The Name Single

Now with a settled base in London, Jynxt was born when siblings Tally, Ben, and Nat Spencer were spread across the globe. In his Isle Of Dogs flat Ben had an epiphany of merging drum'n'bass with rock, he then contacted Nat in America and Tally who was in Italy. Adding a bassist and DJ, they won the British leg of Emergenza, a battle of the bands competition, and are now releasing their second single.

Tally Spencer's vocals glide over a soft beat on "The Name", until interrupted by crunching power chords, which signal her moment to let go. It's not hard to see why the band is likened to Linkin Park, but instead of hip-hop they use 'British' rhythms and beats. The fusion works pretty well, and there is further evidence on "Come Out & Play". A laid back groove is juxtaposed with an anthem-like chorus, and the formula is repeated for "Should Be Dead". Had Jynxt emerged at the height of nu-metal they may well have found success quickly, but as it stands they may struggle to find exposure. Credit to them though for creating a sound that is relatively unique.

Alex Lai

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