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Bring Back Tomorrow
Album Review

JYNXT Bring Back Tomorrow Album

Bring Back Tomorrow is the debut album to come from JYNXT. This five piece claim that "We are uniting the ravers and the rockers, we want to redefine the mainstream" A bold statement and the question is does the album back it up? The only thing that makes me wary is that they use the 5,500 friends on myspace as back up that they are the next best thing. myspace have got a lot to answer for, in regards to the quality of up and coming bands, and in black and white the crap!

Once you get into the album you realise that at the end of the day this has all been done before back in the late 90s, early 2000s. JYNXT are across between Linkin Park and Evanescence. The main problem is that musically it all sounds the same and before you know it you've reached track five. So, 'Electric Knives' has to be given a mention just for standing out in the crowed. 'The Name' seems to be a bit more electronic and has a bit more techno mixed with rock, but the sad thing is that it has all been done and it seems that JYNXT are stuck in a space time continuum waiting to be save by someone from star trek and bring them back to reality and to the present day.

The album just pitters out and there isn't a song that jumps out at says to you that this would be a good single, which is a shame because Tally Spencer gives a brilliant vocal performance and maybe with a bit more time and experience these guys and gal will produce better. 'Just Can't Stop' steps into life and does sound a bit different to the rest of the tracks and Tally gives off her best vocal performance on this one.

All in all lets face it that this album will not be redefining the mainstream. They have tried to experiment and be different, but there is nothing on this that suggests that the public are going to go out and buy this album in their droves. It takes a real talent to change the face of the music and that means not sounding like any over artist. This is not the case with JYNXT. If the Linkin Park and Evanescence fan base start crawling out the woodwork then I am sure that JYNXT will be quite successful, it just is not for some people me being one of those.

Mark Moore

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