Yes, Justin Timberlake could take a break after the success of The 20/20 Experience and his sizzling video for Tunnel Vision, or he could release a new single and announce the preorder of the next record. Guess which option the powerhouse singer chose. That’s right, ever the workaholic, Timberlake is already moving on to the next one. Namely, The 20/20 Experience Part 2.

Justin Timberlake, BET Awards
No rest for the wicked. Or Justin Timberlake.

The new single, entitled Take Back The Night (no relation to the movement) is also out now for your listening pleasure. While the subject matter is largely classic Timberlake repertoire – boy sees girl, boy wants to take girl home, boy sings in falsetto until girl relents – the tune itself carries a distinct 70s feel. This isn’t exactly a surprise, since Justin has been sweeping the various decades of music in 20/20 – it’s only natural that he would continue on the same motif.

Though we have to hand it to Justin – his wooing technique has improved vastly since Senorita. "Girl, this was your city/You did it all and more/Broke every law except for one, babe: attraction," he coos. "Are you ready?" He gets a little more direct in the chorus, begging the object of his affections to join him on the dance floor ("Your love's a weapon/Give your body some direction/that's my aim/And we can take back the night.") Definitely appropriate for a Friday night, isn’t it? The song is now playing over at Justin’s official website and available for purchase on iTunes.

Justin Timberlake, Cannes
He's starting all over again.