The much-anticipated Suit & Tie video has finally hit, and it looks like Justin Timberlake is back to his sexy falsetto best in this black & white vid, featuring the self-appointed CEO of hip hop, Jay Z.

Suit & Tie is Timberlake's first tune for six years. He announced his return from hiatus with a cryptic video and since then, well, it's been all about Justin since then. In his sabbatical from music, Justin attempted a movie career, but only managed to impress in one film: The Social Network, so it's good to see him back doing what he does best.

And what better way to make a comeback than to get Jay-Z on board? The rapper - and his wife Beyoncé - seem to be at the centre of everything good right now, and we can't think of a better springboard to launch a return. Not that he needed it, though, Suit & Tie is classic Timberlake - modern, slick, but above all, catchy.

Justin Timberlake, SAG Awards, 2013

Justin pulled out the stops with the video's director, too - a certain David Fincher; the man behind Fight Club, Se7en, The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And he certainly added his pedigree for features to this music vid. You just get the feeling this was planned to the tee, what with the Valentines Day release.