You would have been forgiven for missing the news this week that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had apparently tied the knot in secret, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. With more serious news pressing for entertainment websites - most notably the sad death of Tony Scott - the couple's big day passed without so much of a flicker of interest.
The rumors began when gossip writer Janet Charlton claimed the pair had fooled the press and escaped to the scene of their engagement to get hitched. However, it seems that the high profile couple may have been double bluffing for whatever reason (either that or Janet Charlton got things badly wrong), with a source telling E! News that Timberlake and Biel did in fact not get married and that they were nowhere near Wyoming at the time. In fact, Biel is still in Europe promoting her new movie 'Total Recall', and Timberlake has been busy working in Puerto Rico all week. The source added, "It didn't happen". The fact that the couple are yet to walk down the aisle doesn't come as a major surprise, given Biel's recent comments at the Total Recall premiere earlier this month. She said, "Everyone's been telling us, 'Enjoy the engagement because it goes away so quickly.So I've been sort of loving that idea".
So it looks as though the pair fooled people into thinking they weren't getting married..and then didn't get married. Nothing to see here people.