Ok, the Miley Cyrus… thing happened and it’s unavoidable, but let’s focus on a positive side of the VMAs – the ‘N Sync reunion happened! After weeks of teasing, the prospect of a VMA performance by the boyband was wrought with more will-they-won’t-they tension than any given Sex and the City episode. And oh boy, did they ever.

Lance Bass, 2013 Young Hollywood Awards
Lance Bass expertly confused the media about the upcoming reunion.

For those of you, who missed it for whatever reason (we trust it was of vital importance) and don’t want to watch one of the many poor quality, not-entirely-legal recordings online, we’ll do a quick recap – a play by play, if you will. First we saw JT pop up on stage, in full suit and tie garb and with enough strobe lights to fit the occasion. Then, after a light solo from Mr. Timberlake, the rest of N Sync – Joey, JC, Lance and Chris, appeared in silhouette, before the band burst into a spot on rendition of their hit, Girlfriend, prompting cheers from the crowd (and from Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, watching intently from the front row.) Then the music moved smoothly into a remix of Bye Bye Bye, a personal favorite of many a 90s kid. The lads definitely proved that they can still not only harmonize like they used to, but they have the moves down pat as well.

Justin Timberlake, MTV VMAs
Timberlake had a phenomenal evening - a moonman and band reunion all in one.

The song then finished with a bang – quite literally – with the members of N Sync high-fiving each other, before Lance, Joey, Chris and JC walked off-stage and Justin cut through the crowd victorious, to the sounds of his own Suit & Tie. Possibly the best part, however, was the the One Direction boys, who won for Song of the Summer, were in the front row as well. We hope they were taking notes from the masters of boybandom.

N Sync, MTV VMAs
And here they are - N Sync in all their glory.