Justin Timberlake is well and truly back in the music scene and he's brought his old collab. partners with him too, first TImbaland and now rapper TI, who appeared on the hit track 'My Love' back when Justin was known for his music and beat-boxing rather than his acting.

With 'Suit & Tie' making huge waves online and on the radio since he made his triumphant return earlier this year, JT plans to go on as he started and is apparently almost finished with his long awaited third album The 20/20 Experience. According to TI, speaking to MTV, he and Justin have more than one track they worked together on that they are looking forward to unveiling to the eagerly awaiting public.

"I did a record for them at the end of last year. They were working on a record together, and I had the pleasure of assisting them on their particular record," the rapper said, before revealing the title to one of the songs. "I think it's called 'Goodbye Homey,' one of them is, and then there is another one; I did maybe two or three records with them."

Whilst TI didn't go into too much detail in what we can expect, at least now we have a name to cling on to until something is released. In the meantime, Justin will be making his on-stage return over the Super Bowl weekend, but good luck getting tickets to that.