Has Justin Timberlake gone social activist? Well, apparently not, as besides the slogan of an anti-rape campaign, this is also apparently the name of Timberlake’s upcoming single, fourth off his album The 20/20 Experience. As usual, the Tunnel Vision singer remained mysterious in the teaser for the new video… he also remained in grayscale, another Timberlake trademark of late.

Justin Timberlake, BET Awards
You gotta hand it to Justin...

The video shows Justin, sporting a much more casual getup than we’re used to seeing him in of late and holding a series of signs. The cue cards have the names and dates of his most recent videos. Timberlake exits a convertible and holds up the cue cards, reading: "'Suit & Tie,' January 14," "'Mirrors,' February 11," "The 20/20 Experience, March 19," "Take Back The Night," and then, a mysteriously blurred cue card that presumably bears the release date of the as-yet to be released single.

We even get to hear a little sneak preview, as JT enters the club behind him, in which “Take Back The Night” is conveniently playing. "Take back the night / C'mon use me up until there's nothing left / Take back the night / Dizzy, spinnin', sweatin', you can't catch your breath," Timberlake croons, as the video fades out.

This is only a teaser of what we might expect in the future though, as the unusually productive singer recently announced a sequel album to 20/20, which is slated to drop on September 20. Could the brief video be a teaser for that as well? Well, if we know anything about Justin Timberlake, there will be plenty of buildup and hints dropped before the big event.

Justin Timberlake, Cannes Film Festival
When he makes a comeback, he goes big.