We knew it was coming, no seriously, we did, and lo’ and behold Justin Timberlake and Jay Z have announced a co-tour together for later this year. Start getting excited… now!

Justin Timberlake Jay Z Suit & Tie

There'll be much more of this banter later in the summer!

Hova and JT evidently looked so adorable when both donning black suits and ties for the Grammys last weekend that they were simply forced to go on a longer jaunt together by their respective management. That or it had been in the works for a while, something we suspect is true given Jay Z’s appearance on Timberlake’s 'Suit & Tie', and the gratuitous wink-winks and nods they were giving the press at the Grammys.

Anyway, the important news is that they definitely are touring. The pair will play the Legends of the Summer tour (modest), which will visit 12 cities in North America beginning on July 17th in Toronto. The tour will mark Timberlake’s first extended live schedule in six years, as he cements his full return to the music industry with new album The 20/20 Experience. His third studio album, it’s set to come out on March 19th, with two tracks Suit & Tie and Mirror both being made available already. This weekend Suit & Tie is still sitting pretty in the Billboard Hot 100, at ninth spot, whilst Mirror has debuted at 24.

Check out the official video for Suit & Tie